Fabian Hänle

The Secrets of China's Success

Untold Stories of New World Market Leaders – and How The Western Economy Can Respond

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Erscheinungstermin: 19.12.2024

The Secrets of China's Success (Buchcover)


Behind the Scenes of China’s Success

Have you heard about flying taxis in China, robo-cars navigating through bustling cities, eco-friendly trains developed at the speed of airplanes, and the government’s plans to establish colonies on the moon and Mars by the 2030s? What might seem like visionary science fiction is already becoming reality in China.

Discover in Secrets of China’s Success how China has managed to stay so far ahead of the western world in the major technologies of the future as well as everything you didn’t know about this country with 1.4 billion people.

The practical guide in English takes you on a journey through contemporary China, offering a unique glimpse behind the scenes of the country. It explores the millennia-old culture, the “from rags to riches” mindset of Chinese entrepreneurs, as well as significant political and economic initiatives, such as China’s leading role in projects like the formation of the Global South, the emergence of a new generation of cyber spies, and the ambitious construction of a vast Green Wall to combat environmental degradation – a feat that has even astonished the US space agency NASA.

In contrast to his non-fiction debut, Wirtschaftserwachen, or Economic Awakening, management thought leader Fabian Hänle now delves into the broader Western economy in English. He critically and constructively examines key questions of the 21st century: Who are the emerging Chinese hidden champions and future global market leaders? Why does China’s growing innovative economic prowess present both challenges and opportunities for the Western world? What novel strategies must we adopt in response to China’s ascent? And how can we pragmatically mitigate risks while capitalizing on new opportunities?

An authentic, exciting, and in-depth book, accompanied by insightful interviews with top international entrepreneurs – there is much to look forward to with Fabian Hänle’s forthcoming book!

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