Fabian Hänle

As a CEO in China, Dr. Fabian Hänle spearheaded the growth of a German hidden champion’s subsidiary for over a decade, elevating it to prominence as one of the market forerunners. With extensive stints in the USA, Canada, and France, Dr. Hänle boasts a wealth of expertise in strategy, sales, and executive leadership roles. Thanks to his practical experience in China, coupled with his scientific, on-site research and proficiency in Mandarin, he possesses unparalleled insights into the local mentality, culture, and authentic Chinese ethos.

Today, he serves as an international guest professor, and as co-founder of Dr. Hänle & Partners Consulting, he collaborates with decision-makers across DAX corporations, well-known SMEs, and global market leaders. Fabian Hänle’s mission is to inspire people and organizations towards positive and meaningful developments, to support people in achieving their potential, to break new, innovative ground, to create healthy, growth-promoting environments and team flows, to bring cultures together across national borders, and to focus on the most important thing there is with intuition and empathy: people – because they are the ones who drive a company to success.