Christian Greiser

Remove, Replace, Restart

The Essential Maintenance Manual for Your Engine for Success

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Remove, Replace, Restart (Buchcover)


Have you ever felt like you’re treading water professionally, having reached the limits of what you can achieve? If so, it might be time for a reset. Careers progress through distinct phases: you climb the career ladder, change direction or start your own business, and eventually retire. As different as these phases are, so too are the rules of success that govern them. To keep succeeding, you must mentally shift gears and realign yourself accordingly along the way.

Passionate “career technician” Christian Greiser is here to help you do just that. In this engaging and humorous new book, he draws on insights from his many years of experience as an executive coach and incorporates research findings, case studies, and exercises to show how you can shift your mindset to achieve success and fulfillment in the next phase of your career.

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