Stephen R. Covey

A Mission Statement for Your Life

Find your purpose. Choose your goals. Achieve your dreams.

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A workbook for crafting your personal mission statement – with previously unpublished writing, case studies, food for thought, checklists and practical exercises from celebrated author Stephen R. Covey.

At last, a much-anticipated new work from international bestselling author Stephen R. Covey. We are thrilled that GABAL Verlag will be launching Covey’s Das Leitbild deines Lebens! (A Mission Statement for Your Life!), in which you can expect:

  • New, previously unpublished content
  • Workbook exercises designed to help you to explore your personal mission statement and the meaning and purpose of your life
  • Approaches that pick up directly where global bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People left off
  • A deeper exploration of the second habit: ‘Begin with the end in mind’
  • Much-needed answers to the pressing questions that occupy all of us

  • A workbook for anyone striving to live a meaningful life and keep sight of their big goals in the humdrum of the everyday.
  • Step-by-step guidance to creating your own personal mission statement - packed with important food for thought, fresh ideas and practical exercises.
  • Powerful motivation for exploring the meaning of life, setting clear goals and realising your ambitions.
  • Designed as a ‘guiding light’ to keep readers on the path towards their most important goals and dreams.

Am I in the right job? How’s my private life – and what do I really want to achieve? More and more of us are finding ourselves preoccupied by such existential questions. When we think about them, we quickly realise that answers are not at all easy to come by. This workbook by Stephen R. Covey is designed to help you explore the meaning of life and develop your own personal mission statement.

The workbook is packed with examples, questions for reflection, food for thought, and practical tips for creating your personal mission statement. Step by step, it will help you to identify what drives you, what you (really, really) want and what makes you truly happy. By the end of it, your personal mission statement will be complete: a guiding light to keep you on the path to a meaningful, effective and successful life.

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