Jutta Portner

Virtual Negotiation

An Optimal Approach to Online Negotiations

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Virtual Negotiation (Buchcover)


Mastering the Next Online Negotiation with Confidence!

Negotiating online presents its own set of challenges. You find yourself speaking into black holes when the other party hasn't turned on their camera, receiving no feedback on facial expressions. Does the other party even understand your proposal? Is anyone even listening? And if so, who? Or perhaps the connection doesn't even establish, or it drops out midway. Even for experienced negotiators, this new mode of negotiation is fraught with uncertainties. We haven't yet developed sufficient expertise in remote negotiation.

But did you know that major corporations are already closing billion-dollar deals via platforms like MS Teams & Co.? Online negotiations will continue to be part of our future, as they save resources such as travel time and expenses.

Learn how to adapt your negotiation skills to remote settings, how to handle interruptions like emails, calls, video, and audio disruptions that disrupt the flow of negotiation. Gain sovereignty in the face of adverse circumstances and make this new core competency your own.

The book by negotiation expert Jutta Portner is aimed at anyone who no longer negotiates solely face-to-face. Become a virtual negotiation pro!

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