Philip Semmelroth

The Simple Path to More Profit: The 3P System

Success Strategies for the Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs. People – Process – Presentation

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The Simple Path to More Profit: The 3P System (Buchcover)


There’s more inside than you might think! The true levers for business success

90 percent of companies in Germany never exceed one million euros in annual sales. That means 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs toil away for meager profits. Philip Semmelroth shows that there is another way. With the business strategies he developed, his company broke the million mark. At the same time, he organized the day-to-day business so that it largely ran without him. In this short guide, he reveals how it works: more profit and less stress! If you want to know even more about how to keep your business permanently in the profit zone, also read his book 55 Business-Turbos für KMU.

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