Oona Horx Strathern

The Kindness Economy

A new currency for the future of business, work, and life

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E-Book (PDF)

Vorwort von: Matthias Horx
Illustrationen von: Julian Horx

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The Kindness Economy (Buchcover)


The Kindness Economy is a powerful new force for change in business and a growing trend that will improve everything from how we work to how we live in our homes, communities, and cities. In an age of much unkindness, burnout, and notoriously monstrous management, we need a new, positive vision for the future.

In this book, futurist and trend researcher Oona Horx Strathern offers an optimistic look at how we can create a healthy economy in which we are kinder to people and the planet while still making a profit. Through examples and anecdotes as well as personal and professional insights, The Kindness Economy explores how we can combine values with value and think differently about how we want to spend, work, and live.

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