Andreas Buhr

Sales Leadership

Building, Developing and Managing a Professional Sales Organisation

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Sales Leadership (Buchcover)


With SALES LEADERSHIP, entrepreneur and best-selling author ANDREAS BUHR delivers a reference work that is comprehensive and at the same time focussed on the essential elements involved in professionally setting up and successfully leading sales organisations. Based on a careful market analysis, he offers a knowledgeable and practical approach to setting up and developing your sales operation, step by step, to achieve better long-term results.
From recruiting through onboarding, and from team development through controlling – Andreas Buhr asks the most important questions for each phase of sales leadership: ‘What needs to be done in this phase?’, ‘Why does this need to be done?’ and ‘How specifically does this need to be done?’ Current leadership models are addressed in the process and include agile leadership and digital leadership. Numerous practical tips, checklists and forms provide valuable tools you can use right away.

“Unlike many who write and speak about sales leadership, Andreas IS a real sales leader, a ‘rainmaker’ in the best sense of the word. More than 35 years of true market expertise, cumulated in his books and speeches.”
Ed Robinson, ‘The Rainmaker’

“This book is bigger than sales, it is your guide to thriving in sales during this time of digital transformation. Andreas gives you the tools you need to reach your ‘Next Summit’ in your business.”
Manley Feinberg II, author of ‘Reaching Your Next Summit, 9 Vertical Lessons for Leading with Impact’

“As the author of ‘Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way’: Andreas Buhr is an exampleof a great leader and a great salesperson. When he shows up, others are running to get out of the way.”
Ron Karr (CSP), Speaker, Strategist, Moderator, 2013-2014 President NationalSpeakers Association

“A reference work useful to every executive in sales.”
Sylvie ddi Giusto, Author, Speaker, Coach and Owner of Executive Image Consulting

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