Arnd Zschiesche
Oliver Errichiello

Reality in Branding

The Rules of European Brand Management in 50 Answers

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Reality in Branding (Buchcover)


Believing is not the same as knowing:
The fundamental facts about the laws of european brand management in 50 answers

From breakfast cereals to smartphones, nothing is left unbranded: brands are with us every step of the way. We define ourselves through the brands we surround ourselves with. Even if we reject brands, that’s a brand statement. Brands are everywhere in the 21st century – that’s exactly why we all have an opinion on them. When it comes to private life, there is little objection to this concept. However, when it comes to brand management and brand positioning with – in a company, personal sensitivities and feelings are out of place.
Too many opinions, too little wisdom: In 50 timeless answers, brand sociologists Dr. Arnd Zschiesche and Prof. Dr. Oliver Errichiello put a stop to the brand debates that are shaped by the zeitgeist. They speak in plain language where vague chatter typically prevails. And they show why every brand is a social phenomenon that has an impact: It’s about the management of social “hard facts.” Not just in Europe. Classic European Brand Management leads the way for every company seriously focusing on economic success for the long term – internally, as well. It’s time for timeless, value-oriented Branding from the old continent.

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