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Cancelling chronic complainers, living life liberated, and other secrets to success
Spiegel bestselling author Tobias Beck

144 pages,  Paperback with flaps, Illustrations, 4C
Pub Date: September 2018
Sold to: India | Egypt | Germany | Turkey | Serbia | Indonesia | Viet Nam
United States of America | Romania | Russian Federation | Mexico |
Argentina | Lithuania | Hungary | China

About the Book

Successfully steer your own life instead of having it determined by others, advises Tobias Beck in this German bestseller.

Energy vampires, and chronic complainers. We all know a Debbie Downer with a negative attitude, moaning the whole day long because nothing ever goes right: the weather is miserable, it’s Monday, and to top it all off, the doughnut has a hole! Tobias shows us there’s a way out: to simply not bother with such relationships at all. Polarizing, provocative and exaggerated, the Liberated® philosophy urges readers to liberate themselves from negative people in order to live successfully and authentically.

Memorable stories and proven techniques. With success stories that are as entertaining as they are instructive and success factors based on 15 years of personal experience in the field of personality development and behavioral psychology, Unbox Your Life features proven-to-work strategies. Easy to read and unconventional, it is part workbook, selfhelp, nonfiction, and narrative; it also features funny comics to illustrate how to:

• Think in terms of chances and opportunities rather than problems and risks
• Motivate yourself, forge your own path, and let yourself be guided by your dreams and vision
• Seek out people who support you, let you grow, and move forward

Rights sold to 21 territories


"Unbox Your Life will help you do just that--unbox your life and in the process discover your life’s mission. Personal discovery and sense of self-worth is the foundation of any healthy relationship which is why the private victory must precede the public victory. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to build relationships that last.”Sean Covey, President, FranklinCovey Education and New York Times best-selling co-author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution


A former flight attendant with a learning disability, Tobias Beck has become one of Europe’s most-loved speakers. His Bewohnerfrei® (“Liberated”) podcast reaches an audience of millions online, hitting # 1 on the iTunes download charts upon its release. As a university lecturer, he explains, in a humorous fashion, how the principles of success and motivational psychology can work for others too. Beck hosts seminars and personal consultations.


Unbox your Relationship!
How to draw people to you and build relationships that last
Spiegel bestselling author Tobias Beck

Are you ready to have the best relationships of your life? Tobias Beck shows how you achieve them – at work and in your private life

In this new book, Tobias Beck takes you on a journey aimed at achieving the best relationships of your life. As a first step, you must fall in love with yourself – because your relationship with yourself determines the standards of compassion, understanding, respect, and trust that is reflected in your relationships with others.  Once you have learned to say goodbye to the beliefs that hold you back and to forgive the past and yourself, you will be able to intensively nourish good relationships and say goodbye to others. Your life deserves the best relationships you can foster.

“With raw honesty, Tobias shares the struggles he’s dealt with, the paths it has led him down and the learnings he’s gained from it all. The result is a collection of gems which will help you form an amazing relationship with yourself and others.” John Strelecky, #1 Bestselling author of The Why Café and The Big Five for Life

176 pages,  Paperback with flaps, Illustrations, 4C
Pub Date: September 2019
Sold to: Germany | Turkey | United States of America | Hungary | China | Slovakia

GABAL Excerpt_Unbox Your Relationship



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With over 600 experienced, international authors from various industries and education, we inspire businesses and people to move forward.
Most of GABALs authors are highly professional trainers, motivational speakers or executives and are all outstanding leaders in their fields  with many year‘s of hands-on experiences, their competence reflected in their success and therefore mirroring GABAL’s philosophy ‘to benefit only from the best’.


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