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From reading to doing, knowing to acting

From reading to doing, knowing to acting

This has been the motto of GABAL Verlag for more than thirty years. GABAL is a publisher of practical books and a leading player in the business, personal success and life segment. Within the pages of GABAL’s books, more than 500 practitioners and luminaries in their fields use their content creation expertise to share wealth of know-how and practical experience. In doing so, they help readers and followers achieve their personal, professional and learning goals.


Get key insights for your personal and professional development from leading business experts

30 Minute Reading Time

Reading 30 Minutes a day can increase your intelligence. Get key insights in 5 chapters on 96 pages from +100 leading business experts in 30 Minute text and audio.

Big Ideas in Small Packages – Anytime and Anywhere You Want!

Explore our vast book series that covers more than 130 titles. From leadership to motivation and inspiration, benefit from business know-how in 14 leading categories.



The Your Life books help the reader make more of one’s life by exploring new directions and ways of thinking, and learning to get both large and small everyday problems under control. The books are entertaining and inspiring with practical tips that will make the reader’s life easier, richer, and more beautiful.


The Your Success books cover soft skill topics such as motivation, public speaking, self-manage-ment, and mental strategies for success.


Your Business offers books about current trends and developments in the areas of sales, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and corporate governance.



GABAL provides proven practical knowledge and publishes media products on the topics of business, success, and life. With over 600
experienced, international authors from various industries and education, we inspire businesses and people to move forward.

GABAL is your publisher, because we want to bring you forward. Not with finger-pointing, not divorced from reality, not pointy-headed or purely academic, but motivating in effect, sympathetic in appearance, and pragmatically-oriented toward results.

Our books are aimed at people who are looking for knowledge about current issues in business and education that can be put into practice quickly.


To Learn Only From The Best
With over 600 experienced, international authors from various industries and education, we inspire businesses and people to move forward.
Most of GABALs authors are highly professional trainers, motivational speakers or executives and are all outstanding leaders in their fields  with many year‘s of hands-on experiences, their competence reflected in their success and therefore mirroring GABAL’s philosophy ‘to benefit only from the best’.


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