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Welcome to our Foreign Rights & Permissions page! Please see below for information on the titles to which we control world rights. You can also download our current Foreign Rights FALL 2018. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever.

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 Some people believe that in order to be “grown-up”, they are also required to give up their playful inner child. They think they must endure the hardships of everyday life with deadly seriousness and live out the rest of their days in grey. How sad! Nourish your inner child, your curiosity, your zest for life, your playful mentality - then embrace your adult responsibilities as an added bonus.

You see, having responsibility is a gift. Taking responsibility enables us to shape situations and circumstances and make our lives worth living. It gives us true freedom and self-determination. Become the designer of your own life. Secure for yourself the things you need, then get back to playing. The following story illustrates how powerful we can be when we take control of our own destiny.

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